We make individual clips and also attach our lights to your old loupes.

We have made it our business to be able to attach our lights to any pair of glasses or magnifying glasses. We design and manufacture individual clips using stereolithography 3-D printing.

PowerLight lite Clip SLA-3D

The clips are made individually for the nose bridge of your glasses. This must have a roughly rectangular profile. Our clip is customised according to the height and depth.

PowerLight lite SLA-3D an eigener Lupenbrille

With our clips we can attach both the PowerLight lite and the PowerLight spot to your glasses or magnifying glasses.

Eigene Lupenbrille mit PowerLight Spot SLA-3D

We also manufacture a suitable adapter for your Zeiss® loupe with which our lights can be easily mounted on your loupe.

Eigene Zeiss-Lupenbrille mit PowerLight spot SLA-ZS