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PowerLight spot SLA-ZS

This clip allows you to attach the PowerLight spot to your Zeiss® loupe.

If you want to provide your Zeiss® loupe with a very bright light, the PowerLight fulfils exactly this function.

Our special clip is attached to the front of the rotation axis of your loupe with two microscrews.

The LEDental PowerLight spot is one of the brightest luminaires on the market, but with a complete price incl. Power Box of 454.50€, it is significantly cheaper.

At a working distance of 35cm, it has an illuminance of 35000 lux.

The illumination field is extremely faded in. Therefore, the lamp is only suitable for magnifying glasses with a magnification of at least 2.5x.

Due to the high illumination intensity, the use of an orange filter is recommended when processing light-curing filling material.


PowerLight spot complete: 454.50€

Orange filter for PowerLight spot: 35,00€

All prices exclude VAT and shipping costs, if applicable, unless otherwise described.

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