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Only the operating microscope
is better.

Do you need magnification specifically for endodontics? Get up close and personal with the LEDental EndoView!

The LEDental Double Frame is designed to position the LEDental Loupes in front of your own glasses. It sits as a second frame in front of and above the individual spectacle frame and is particularly light with a weight of 23 grams.

Thus, your glasses correct your refractive error and the optics of the loupe are completely independent of it. If your refractive error changes, the correction of your glasses is modified. The optics of the magnifying glasses do not need to be changed.

The Kepler 6.0x optics of the EndoView complete set are attached to the Double Frame. The spectacle arms of the Double Frame are fixed tightly to the back of the head by a spectacle strap. This ensures that the optics fit securely and precisely.

The LEDental PowerLight spot is mounted on the optics. It is one of the brightest lights available on the market, only it is significantly cheaper. At a working distance of 35cm, it has an illuminance of 35000 lux. The illumination field is extremely faded in.


Complete system magnifying glasses 6.0x: 373.50€

PowerLight spot – Loupe 6.0: 435,00€

All prices exclude VAT and shipping costs, if applicable, unless otherwise described.

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